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It is of central importance that business ideas can be transformed into a scaleable company. We do not invest in start-up’s. The companies or projects that we invest in must have reached some level of Proof of Concept or other type of Track record and above all it has to be a scaleable business model.


We aim to support entrepreneurs with going from good to even better. The people in and associated with Aqagis are competitive, ambitious and passionate people with a wealth of experience and a significant network. In short, they are entrepreneurs themselves, which means that they understand the challenges and opportunities for creating successful companies.


First and foremost, Aqagis invests in people who are characterised by being able to execute and show results. People who are ambitious, untiring and who burn for the project. People who are willing and have the abilities to go the extra mile in return for a successful venture which is able to attract talent, clients and other investors.


The Aqagis name is an abbreviation that reflects something which is one of the fundamental principals in everything we do

Aqagis A/S has been founded, as over the past couple of years, we have been making several mutual investments through our various companies. In the summer of 2016, we decided to formalize and strengthen this partnership as well as consolidate our collaboration with our strong partners.
Hence the founding of Aqagis A/S.

“Age quod agis” - “Whatever you choose to do – do it well”.

Aqagis A/S has already invested in a diversified portfolio of companies each in various stages of their development. We seek to diversify our current investments over several areas:

We are not investing in so called ’Start-Up’s’. Every investment made, is in a company or project which has ’proof of concept’ or at least some kind of track-record. But above all, we invest in people!

In several of our investments already made, we tend to focus on entering in the ’Seed’ or ’Early Stage’ of an investment, and occasionally in the early ’Venture’ stage of the company.

This strategy gives us a significantly greater risk than entering at the pre-IPO stage, but as we are diversifying our investments over a variety of industries, companies and growth phases, we are significantly reducing that risk and turning the portfolio into a very attractive risk/reward balanced investment.
Every investment made by Aqagis A/S is made with the purpose of developing the company to the point where an exit can be made through IPO or M&A. The maturity of each investment may vary, and therefore the time frame of the investments we are making will span from 2-5 years depending of industry, timing and our level of entry. When entering a new investment venture, we always aim to set the right team from the beginning, as we know the importance of people focussing on whatever they do best. That is the exact reason why we are always surrounding ourselves with people far better at specific areas of business than ourselves and that we though the team we set and mutual efforts, can reach even the highest levels of success.

That, is Aqagis